New Generation Bitopic Bcr-Abl Inhibitors

Tech ID: 33208 / UC Case 2022-024-0

Invention Novelty

Scientists at UCSF have developed a novel class of BCR-ABL inhibitors that engages two binding sites in BCR-ABL simultaneously. This two-site binding (bitopic) mechanism of action is unprecedented against BCR-ABL, one of the most well-validated targets in oncology.

Value Proposition

Classically, inhibitors bind to their targets through singular, well-formed pockets. In the case of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a disease characterized by its nearly absolute association with BCR-ABL dependency, the approved drugs directed against BCR-ABL only target a single binding site and cause a mixture of off-target toxicity issues. In addition to the off-target effects, commonly observed resistance mutations preclude the recognition of any single ‘optimal’ therapeutic regiment for CML that is able to universally enable patients to live normal lifespans or achieve a cure.

This novel invention provides the following advantages:

  • Increased potency (especially against resistance mutations such as the T315I mutant in CML)
  • Higher target specificity due to avidity (active site AND allosteric site recognition needed for binding)
  • Potentially reduced cardio-toxicity
  • Deeper target inhibition at BCR-ABL, potentially increasing the proportion of responsove patients 

Technology Description

UCSF researchers have synthesized two classes bitopic inhibitors of BCR-ABL that have been verified for their biochemical activity against ABL1 kinase domain and validated for their ability to specifically inhibit BCR-ABL signaling in cells. Further optimization can be done in both the ligand and linker components and additional biological validation will be needed prior to clinical trial.

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To develop and commercialize this technology.

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