Systems And Methods For Generating Peptide Deficient Hla-A*68:02 And Hla-A*24:02 Molecules

Tech ID: 33089 / UC Case 2020-284-0


See background of NCD 32985. 

Technology Description

See background of NCD 32984 for overall technology description. 

This technology includes methods and placeholder peptides for the creation of peptide receptive HLA-A*68:02 and HLA-A*24:02 using TAPBPR in bacteria. 



Peptide receptive MHC-I multimers of HLA-A*68:02 and HLA-A*24:02

Identification of peptide epitopes of HLA-A*68:02 and HLA-A*24:02



Specific placeholder peptides for the production of peptide receptive HLA-A*68:02 and HLA-A*24:02

Intellectual Property Information

Country Type Number Dated Case
European Patent Office Published Application EP 4 136 098 02/22/2023 2020-284
United States Of America Published Application 20210371499 12/20/2021 2020-284

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  • Sgourakis, Nikolaos

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HLA-A*68:02, HLA-A*24:02, peptide receptive MHC-I

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