CRISPR-Cas Effector Polypeptides and Methods of Use Thereof

Tech ID: 32866 / UC Case 2022-147-0

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO 2023/250384 12/28/2023 2022-147

Brief Description

CRISPR-Cas systems comprise a CRISPR-associated (Cas) effector polypeptide and a guide nucleic acid. Such CRISPR-Cas systems can bind to and modify a targeted nucleic acid. The programmable nature of these CRISPR-Cas effector systems has facilitated their use as a versatile technology for use in, e.g., gene editing.


UC Berkeley researchers have discovered new CRISPR-Cas effector Cas12L/Cas Lambda/Casλ polypeptides and methods of modifying a target nucleic acid using a Cas12L/Cas Lambda polypeptide.

Suggested uses

  • gene editing

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  • Doudna, Jennifer A.

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Lambda, Cas, gene editing, Cas12L

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