Dehydrogenation And Isomerizing Ethenolysis Of Polyethylene

Tech ID: 32830 / UC Case 2022-130-0

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 This invention is a method includes mixing a polymer with one or more dehydrogenating reagent(s), thereby forming the dehydrogenated polymer.  Such a dehydrogenated polymer can then be made into a alkene or a dehydrogenating polymer.

Suggested uses

The conversion of polyolefins to small molecules (e.g., monomers) would enable the largest fraction of waste plastic to be a carbon feedstock, but such a task requires cleavage of carbon-carbon bonds that often resist selective chemical transformations.  This invention does just this and recycles plastic for further use.


This invention is a recycling process for plastics by making alkenes from a polymer and dehydrogenated polyethylene compositions.

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  • Hartwig, John F.

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