Ruthenium-Catalyzed Selective Oxidation Of Polyethylenes

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European Patent Office Published Application 4142934 03/08/2023 2020-099
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO 2021/222634 11/04/2021 2020-099

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Polyolefins currently constitute approximately half of all synthetic plastics produced worldwide.  Despite their low cost and excellent thermal and mechanical properties, polyolefins generally do not mix well with other materials, and this lack of compatibility limits their use in high-performance composites and as components of more sustainable plastics.  This invention incorporates low levels of polar functional groups into polyolefins which is a promising strategy to overcome this shortcoming.  

Suggested uses

Polyoefins are quintessential commodity plastics of immense commercial important but the lack of functionality can limit their use in many advanced applications.The C-H functionalization is a promising strategy for incorporating functionalities into polymers of ethylene and linear alpha- olefins.


The polymers of ethylene and other linear alpha-olefins overcome the problems of branched alph-alkenes that are less reactive due to steric effects which also undergo side reactions, such as chain scission that lead to polymer degradation.

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  • Hartwig, John F.

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