Modular Vaccine Platform

Tech ID: 32472 / UC Case 2021-Z02-0


Following the pandemic, there is a clear need for improved technology in the area of vaccines. A pressing challenge is to enable a rapid response to emerging threats, using an established platform technology.

Technology Description

UC San Diego researchers have developed a modular vaccine platform, that allows rapid and controllable response to an emerging threat. This patent-pending technology allows rapid development of a medicament that allows a custom epitope to be delivered alongside a sophisticated adjuvant, while using a rapid and efficient manufacturing system.


This modular vaccine platform facilitates the delivery of epitopes to facilitate immune activation, using an easy-to-manufacture plug-and-play technology. There are broad applications, including; HPV, SARS1, SARS-CoV-2, emerging infectious diseases, and also serious health conditions.


The platform is modular and can be quickly adjusted as new viral strains emerge. The material is capable of being stockpiled, and therefore being ready to add the epitope when required. This material can be shipped around the world at room temperature, reducing the necessary infrastructure for cold supply chain and storage.

Intellectual Property Info

This technology is patent pending. Worldwide rights currently available. Companies interested in commercializing this invention should contact UC San Diego (


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