T cell Receptor cDNAs to Treat Gliomas

Tech ID: 32238 / UC Case 2019-158-0

Technology Description

Gliomas are the most common primary brain tumors. Therapies remain very challenging given the paucity of targetable molecules since not all cells within a tumor can be targeted in the same way, and not all tumors express the same targets. Research at UCSF has led to the identification of the tumor-specific isoform RAD54B, a DNA repair and recombination protein, which is uniformly expressed at high levels in a vast majority of malignant gliomas. T cells expressing RAD54B-specific TCRs were generated and initial proof of concept studies have shown promise. This invention has the potential to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy for glioma in clinical populations.


  • This new TCR can specifically recognize RAD54B
  • RAD54B reliably targets the vast majority of malignant gliomas, with homogeneous expression within individual tumors, thereby making it an attractive immunotherapy
  • Potentially better than peptide vaccine-based therapies which can have poor immunogenicity in the absence of an adjuvant and be susceptible to enzymatic degradation

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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Glioma, T Cell Receptor, Immunotherapy, RAD54B

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