Intraprocedural Grid Localization System

Tech ID: 32088 / UC Case 2020-208-1

Technology Description

A UCSF clinician has invented an intraprocedural grid localization system for use during MRI-guided biopsies and mammographic localization procedures. Current procedural guidelines for biopsy excision involve patient imaging steps to confirm the target lesion is accessible within a grid system, followed by a radiologist manually recording lesion coordinates; these are finally passed to a proceduralist to translate the positioning back onto the patient. Each of these steps introduces the potential for human error and decrease procedural efficiency, including time spent occupying the MRI scanner. A UCSF clinician has streamlined this procedure to both improve efficiency, mitigate much of the human error, and decrease associated costs. The described invention provides accurate 3D visualization of the target lesion in real-time on the patient. The technology is in the development phase.


·         The technology improves pre-procedural planning and increases the efficiency of MRI-guided biopsies.

·         This invention eliminates much of the human error associated with target lesion excisions.

·         Reduces procedural time relating to current MRI-grid localization procedures.

·         The technology eases medial-approach biopsy procedures by illuminating the patient's breast and co-axial biopsy device.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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