Method For Enhancing Power Amplifier Efficiency And Linearity

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Electrical engineers from UC San Diego have invented a new method for simultaneously improving the back-off efficiency and linearity of  Power Amplifiers (PAs). The topology, which is named Single Input Linear Chireix (SILC) PA, employs a combination of Chireix outphasing and Doherty architectures, and requires a single RF input with no predistortion. The circuit consists of a dual-input high-efficiency outphasing PA and a simple input network which serves as a power splitter and feeds the inputs of the main and auxiliary PA cells that are biased in class-AB and class-C regions respectively, similar to the Doherty architecture. The operation of the PA cells together with the Chireix combiner result in back-off efficiency enhancement plus systematic AM-AM and AM-PM variations which are used to correct the distortions caused by transistors, resulting in a linear response.


5G transmitters

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing OFDM)



There is no need for explicit predistortion like DPD. This invention not  only  improves  back-off efficiency  while requiring a  single  RF input,  but also corrects the  nonlinearity  of  the  PA  cells,  eliminating  the  need  for predistortion.  It  relies  on  use  of  the  Chireix  combiner  and  is termed here the Single Input Linear Chireix (SILC) PA

This technology exhibits among the highest PAE reported  to  date  for  an  OFDM  signal  without  DPD  (or  other forms of digital enhancement) at power levels of interest for 5G transmitters.

The implemented PA demonstrates 19 dBm saturation power (Psat) with 34.4% peak power-added efficiency (PAE) and 6 dB back-off PAE of >23% at 27.5 GHz.

The modulated signal performance using a 100 MHz 64QAM OFDM signal shows an average output power of 11.9 dBm with PAE >20%, EVM <5%, and ACLR <-33 dBc without using predistortion.

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UC San Diego is seeking partners for commercial development.

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