Small Cas9 Protein Inhibitor

Tech ID: 31752 / UC Case 2020-076-0

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2021108442 06/03/2021 2020-076

Additional Patent Pending

Brief Description

A new protein that is able to inhibit the Cas9 protein from Streptococcus iniae (SinCas9). SinCas9 is capable of robust DNA cleavage and offers an immune orthogonal Cas9 for use in gene editing in human cells. The inhibitor is a small protein from a phage and is capable of inhibiting SinCas9 activity in vitro and in human cell genome editing experiments.

Suggested uses

The newly discovered protein inhibitor could be used to prevent, limit, etc. gene editing from SinCas9. This may be relevant for biodefense use, limiting off-target editing, or other applications where reduced activity or rapid inhibition is desired.


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  • Doudna, Jennifer A.

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protein, SinCas9, Streptococcus iniae

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