THz Impulse and Frequency Comb Generation Using Reverse Recovery of PIN Diode

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed an antenna design procedure that can realize devices with beam scanning at a fixed frequency on a single element antenna.


Broadband pulse generation has a wide range of applications such as high-speed communication, high-resolution radars, spectroscopy, and remote sensing. Techniques to increase bandwidth and radiation power have generated great interest in terahertz (THz) and mm-wave research but are hindered by the limitations of silicon-based technologies. Methods to overcome these limitations have included the use of dynamic pulse generation but programming the phase and amplitude of tones at mm-wave/THz frequencies requires complex circuit blocks. Step-Recovery-Diodes (SRD) are popular for harmonic generation and frequency multipliers due to their ultra-sharp reverse recovery, yet SRDs are not available in silicon processes typically used in THz frequency generation devices. There is a need for SRD available in silicon processes for THz and mm-wave generation.


UCLA researchers have demonstrated a PIN diode-based THz pulse radiator implemented in a silicon-based process for broadband pulse generation. In this inventionthe reverse-recovery of a PIN diode is used to generate THz-pulses (wideband frequency comb), which are radiated through a wideband on-chip antenna. When used in an on-chip slot bow-tie antenna the THz pulse radiator demonstrated an efficiency above 60% over the band of radiation. The disclosed invention demonstrates higher radiation power at frequencies above 300 GHz, a flatter average ERIP spectrum, and lower power consumption (<50x) compared to the current state of the art THz broadband pulse generation.


  • High-speed communication 
  • High-resolution radars 
  • Spectroscopy 
  • Remote sensing


  • Higher radiation power at frequencies above 300 GHz 
  • Flatter average ERIP spectrum 
  • Lower power consumption

Patent Status

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European Patent Office Published Application EP3991247 05/04/2022 2019-897
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application 2020264279 12/30/2020 2019-897

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  • Babakhani, Aydin

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wireless communications, THZ pulse radiator, high-speed wireless communication, bandwith, broadband pulse generation, wideband frequency comb, step-recovery-diodes (SRD)

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