'FairchildLS' Mandarin

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United States Of America Issued Patent PP,22649 04/17/2012 2010-169



Brief Description

Background: Over the years, the world renowned Citrus Experiment Station became the foundation of  the UC Riverside campus, where citrus breeding and agricultural research remain at the forefront.  UCR’s premier citrus breeding program varieties are  licensed worldwide, and some have been considered by professional taste panels to be one of the best flavored citrus in the world.

Description: ‘FairchildLS,’  a mandarin developed by mutation breeding, is  seedless or low-seeded in all situations of cross-pollination. It has a moderately smooth texture and a sweet, rich fruit flavor. Easy to peel and with a deep orange color, the ‘FairchildLS’ is an attractive citrus that is popular and sought-out by the citrus industry. 


  •          Seedless/low-seeded
  •          Easy to peel
  •          Rich and sweet flavor
  •          Deep orange rind color
  •          Rind has smooth texture 

Suggested uses

  •          Citrus
  •          Fresh Fruit
  •          Crop
  •          Global food 


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Mandarin, Kinnow, seedless variety, Mikeal Roose, Timothy Williams, global food, crops, orange, citrus, California citrus, fresh fruit

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