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Tech ID: 20645 / UC Case 2008-156-0

Brief Description

This invention describes a system for collecting, filtering, processing, and ranking information related to user-generated content in 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life® for the purpose of creating a search service for 3D content.

Full Description

The invention relates to collecting as much information as possible from the virtual world, and then (1) filtering out information that is of no public interest, (2) processing the information so that the most useful parts get used; and (3) ranking the search results according to relevance.

By using clustering and tagging techniques, program-driven “crawling” avatars log into each sim of the Second Life Grid™ and collects information about the places and objects there.

Suggested uses

Second Life® searches


Free to users

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,041,704 10/18/2011 2008-156


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  • Cook, William R.
  • Lopes, Cristina V.

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Second Life®, virtual world, 3-D, web crawler

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