Carrier Tests for Point-Restriction Coat Color in the Domestic Cat

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Carrier Tests for Point-Restriction and Albinism in the Domestic Cat

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Novel carrier tests for Point-restriction and albinism in the domestic cat have been developed by University of California, Davis researchers. Three mutations cause four color variations that are presented in fancy breed and random bred cats throughout the world. These mutations have been identified in the gene Tyrosinase and are responsible for the "points" colorations, found in and distinguishing Siamese and Himalayan Persians, the Burmese coloration in Burmese and Singapura cats, and a complete albino phenotype found in Siamese and Colorpoints. The fourth coloration is due to a combination of “Points” and Burmese mutations, producing the phenotype in Tonkinese cats.


In these coat color carrier tests, these DNA mutations are used to detect carriers by DNA mutation testing. The mutations are recessive, thus carriers cannot be generally determined currently without test matings. DNA testing for these mutations can identify the carriers, reducing the need for expensive production of unwanted cats. In addition, the DNA testing can easily be performed on small amounts of DNA using very non-invasive and low cost collection techniques.


Advantages of these carrier tests for coat color variants include:

  • The ability to detect carriers of these specific DNA mutations at time of birth;
  • Reduced need for expensive production of unwanted cats from test crosses;
  • Non-invasive, lower cost DNA methods for diagnosis;
  • Small required amount of DNA for testing; and
  • More informed breeding decisions.

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United States Of America Issued Patent 7,183,058 02/27/2007 2004-427


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  • Imes, Donna L.
  • Lyons, Leslie A.

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