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Low Cost Wireless Spirometer Using Acoustic Modulation

The present invention relates to portable Spirometry system that uses sound to transmit pulmonary airflow information to a receiver.

Passive Wideband Interferometer Enabled Error Feedback Transmitter

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have designed a high spectral purity error feedback transmitter.

High Capacity Cathode for Use in Supercapacitors & Batteries

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created a cost-effective method for manufacturing high capacity cathodes.

Substrate For Deep Vertical Etches

Many modern microelectromechanical and microembossing applications require the formation of high resolution vertical channels through thin film substrates, which are often difficult and expensive to achieve in current substrates. Researchers at UCI have overcome these limitations by developing an inexpensive material that is inherently easy to vertically etch.

Microfluidic In Situ Labelling On Stable Interfaces

The invention consists of a method for creating lateral cavity acoustic transducer (LCAT) devices with stable liquid-air interfaces capable of trapping particles in a user-specified size range. The devices can be used to trap small quantities of fluorescently-tagged cancer cells, leading to the potential for earlier detection and better treatment outcomes.

Microfluidic Component Package

The present invention describes a component package that enables a microfluidic device to be fixed to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or other substrate, and embedded within a larger microfluidic system.

Imaging Platform Based On Nonlinear Optical Microscopy For Rapid Scanning Large Areas Of Tissue

The present invention discloses a nonlinear optical microscopy (NLOM) instrument for rapid imaging of wide areas and large volumes of biological tissues or other materials, ex vivo or in vivo, at sub-micron resolution. The instrument allows much larger field of view (FOV) at the same time improves the scan speed.

Precision Planting Device

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed an ultra-precise seed planter.