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Retractable Step Cannula For Brain Delivery Of Therapeutics

An adjustable step cannula to minimize therapeutic agent leakage and maximize on-target drug delivery. This new cannula design improves brain drug delivery over current fixed-length step cannulas.

Method And System For Diagnosing And Training Cognitive Fitness Via Rhythmic Engagement

This invention is a novel method to diagnose and improve cognitive function through an adaptive training program that incorporates rhythmic engagement with computer-based game mechanics.

Novel Radiotracers for Imaging Glucocorticoid Receptor in Treatment-resistant Cancer Patients

UCSF researchers have invented novel radiotracers that allow imaging of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expression using positron emission tomography (PET) in patients with treatment-resistant solid cancer, including prostate, breast, ovarian and lung cancer.

Automated Jugular Venous Pressure Measurement

The clinical exam for measuring jugular venous pressure (JVP), a measurement used to assess heart function has not substantially changed since the 1950s. This invention is a novel device to calculate JVP using accelerometers. This technology allows for more accurate and automated methods for measuring JVP, eliminating the need for a clinical exam.

A Novel Method to Generate Specific and Permanent Macromolecular Covalent Inhibitors

UCSF researchers have invented a novel method to generate covalent macromolecular inhibitors. This strategy allows a peptide inhibitor to bind to its target protein specifically and irreversibly through proximity-enabled bioreactivity.

Protein Kinase C Epsilon Small Molecule Inhibitors to Treat Pain, Anxiety, Alcoholism, and Nicotine Addiction

This invention provides new inhibitors to protein kinase C epsilon (PKCε) for the treatment and prophylaxis of various diseases such as pain, anxiety, alcoholism, inflammation, cancer, diabetes, and other conditions.

Magnetic: A Novel Algorithm for Identification of Cancer Therapeutics

Modular Analysis of Genomic NETworks In Cancer (MAGNETIC) is a novel algorithm that performs functional network analysis of molecular profiling data to identify tumor biomarkers and link them to therapies.

Method for fabricating micron-scale stepped needles intended for the insertion of devices

This invention is a novel method for fabricating needles with stepped ends. The method uses a brazing technique to achieve a fine stepped needle meant for delivering probes into tissue.   This method creates needles strong enough to be used in neural surgery, but thin enough (<15 um) to create a very minimal entry wound.


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