Robotic Integrated Raman Scanning Optical Head

Tech ID: 33506 / UC Case 2023-9A8-0


Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed an invention that utilizes an integrated Raman scanning head and machine vision for high throughput chemical analysis of liquid biopsy samples.

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This technology marks a significant upgrade to existing Raman spectroscopy platforms by integrating a Raman scanning head into a robotically controlled unit. This permits high-volume throughput operation, suitable for clinical lab environments. The illumination and detection optics are modular, enabling rapid movement and large areas of view. An additional feature is an integrated imaging system which enables automatic recognition of the samples by machine learning.


  • High-throughput chemical analysis in clinical lab environments 
  • Diagnosis and research using liquid biopsy specimens such as plasma, saliva, and urine 
  • Designing adaptable units for various types of illumination and detection


  • Compatibility with multiple illumination and detection units 
  • High throughput operation due to robotic integration 
  • Automated sampling driven by machine vision 
  • Capability for rapid scanning over large areas 
  • Not limited to a single focus, can be adapted to a multi-focal system 
  • Flexibility in the design of detection optics 
  • Solves lack of compatibility between current 
  • Raman spectroscopy platforms and robotic technologies 
  • Overcomes limitations in the area of view and speed with existing systems 
  • Eliminates inefficiencies in analyzing large volume of samples

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Carney, Randy

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cancer detection, computer vision software, diagnostics, imaging system, machine learning, Raman spectroscopy, robotic

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