Local Control Of Phase Distribution And Properties In Additively Manufactured Metals

Tech ID: 33412 / UC Case 2023-774-0

Brief Description

This technology is a method for manufacturing materials via laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), providing control over spatial variation in phase composition and mechanical properties.

Suggested uses

·The ability to create novel materials with spatially varying properties


·20% variation in tensile strength and 150% in elongation

·Full compatibility with existing LPBF equipment

·The potential to be generalized across multiple multi-phase alloy systems

Full Description

This technology enables manufacturing of materials with controlled spatial property gradients using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF). It uses spatial modulation of energy densities during printing to control local volume fractions of ferrite/martensite, allowing the fabrication of metal composites with varied mechanical properties. This method is applicable to any multi-phase alloy system, fully compatible with commercially available LPBF equipment.

Problems Solved:

·Limitations to uniform properties in components manufactured through traditional AM methods

·The challenge of achieving local microstructural control in printed materials

Market Applications:

·Engineering industries where customized mechanical properties of materials are required

·Materials research and labs aiming to create novel microstructured materials

·Additive manufacturing service providers seeking to offer innovative solutions

Patent Status

Patent Pending

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  • Valdevit, Lorenzo

Other Information


Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Additive Manufacturing (AM), 3D Printing, Laser Powder Bed Fusion

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