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Technology Description

The invention is a novel trocar device for pleuroscopic and thoracic procedures which simplifies trocar placement. This trocar will also serve as the pleuroscope itself. Trocars are required for any form of video assisted thoracic surgery, including medical thoracoscopy. Pleuroscopic procedures such as these are performed when patients develop gas or liquid in the pleura and allow full chest wall examination, pleural biopsies, washouts in cases of infection or bleeding, lysis of adhesions or chest tube placement. Conventional approaches require blunt dissection of the chest wall, which is invasive and painful for the patient, and requires a higher level of standardized training to perform the procedure which limits the utilization of this procedure. 

The novel trocar has the potential to replace pleuroscopes in wide variety of indications while extending its use to a wider physician pool. The device will allow easier access to pleuroscopy equipment, reduced overhead with regards to gear purchasing and maintenance, facilitate biopsies, impact pleural infection management and improve directed chest tube placement.

To address these current challenges, a disposable plastic trocar that enables minimally invasive single incision procedures for use in pleuroscopic and thoracic surgeries has been developed.



·         The device has the potential to:

o Enable less invasive (single incision) procedures that are easier and faster for interventional pulmonologists to perform 

o Potentially reduce duration of hospital stays

o Provide cost savings with lower overhead utilizing simple disposable items

o Facilitate directed chest tube placement

o Enhance provider and hospital reimbursement for pleural procedures


· For pleural effusions with potential broad use for thoracic surgeries.

· Use in multiple procedures including fluid draining, catheter placing, and pleuroscopies

· Additional uses include for: lysis of adhesion (eg - empyema), pleural inspection, pleurodesis, biopsies, and chest tube placements (for catheter direction, eg - indwelling tunnel pleural catheters)

Looking for Partners

To commercialize the technology

Stage of Development

Proof-of-concept, prototype

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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Trocar, pleuroscope, minimally invasive, thoracic surgery

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