Skin Optical Clearing Technique And Device Using Mechanical Compression

Tech ID: 32729 / UC Case 2006-731-2

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See patent information below. Embodiments of the present disclosure provides systems, devices, and methods for non-invasively modifying, maintaining, or controlling local tissue optical properties. Methods and devices of the disclosure may be used for optically clearing tissue, for example, for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. A method of optically clearing a tissue may comprise contacting the tissue with an optical clearing device having a base, an array of pins fixed to one side of the base, a brim fixed to the base, an inlet port in the base, an exit port in the base, and a handpiece interface tab fixed to the side of the base opposite the array of pins, applying a mechanical force to the tissue, and illuminating said tissue with at least one wavelength of light through the optical clearing device. A method may further comprise controlling the temperature of the tissue illuminated.

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,323,273 12/04/2012 2006-731


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