Covidseeker. Digital Contact Tracing And Hotspotting In Real-Time

Tech ID: 32226 / UC Case 2021-059-1

Invention Novelty

UCSF PIs developed a novel software platform for COVID-19 contact tracing and hotspotting called COVIDseeker. Covidseeker looks back in time and may be able to recreate people’s movements when infection rates were rising and falling in the spring and summer of 2020, giving epidemiologists an invaluable source of data as they try to predict what is going to happen in the fall and winter.

This digital health invention has applications broader than COVID-19. The software can potentially be leveraged for other infectious diseases, treating obesity, and controlling smoking or alcohol addiction by showing where and when people are when they smoke, what are the triggers and how their location contributes to the risk of developing a particular disease.

Value Proposition

Leverages data aggregation to aid with contact tracing for COVID-19 individuals who may be at high risk.

Technology Description

Covidseeker software enables the retrospective collection of data and has the capability to track specifically when a COVID-19 positive individual was infectious. Aggregation of this data can identify where such individuals visited, whether individuals are at increased risk of viral transmission, and aid in contact tracing. Covidseeker also provides a mobility score to the user in comparison to their community and can identify the user’s proximity to someone who has been COVID-19 positive.

Looking for Partners

To devleop and commercialize the technology for applications related to COVID-19, other infectious diseases, treating obesity, and controlling smoking or alcohol addiction. 

Other Information

More information available under CDA/NDA


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COVID-19, Contact Tracing, Digital Health

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