Ultrasensitive Photodetectors And Method For Making The Same

Tech ID: 32186 / UC Case 2019-377-0

Brief Description

Photodetectors for infrared light suffer from low performance and high cost which hampers commercial applications. The researchers have engineered a method to boost the performance of any current photodetectors, especially within the infrared region, using quantum dots.   

The researchers have demonstrated world record performance for sensing and detection.

Full Description

The researchers present a method for making ultrasensitive, high-performance quantum dot infrared photodetectors that operate throughout the infrared spectrum.

Suggested uses

  • High-resolution day-and night imaging for many different applications such as remote sensing, surveillance, maritime navigation, firefighting and thermal imaging. 
  • Environmental monitoring for applications such as mineral mapping, materials identification and forensics.
  • Disaster response and thermal imaging including monitoring fires and lava flows








  • The method and device demonstrate record detectivity and high dynamic range and speed   with much lower cost fabrication.
  • The detectivity is one order of magnitude better than commercial detectors.  
  • The method and device design can be extended to other wavelengths. 
  • High-resolution day-and-night imaging.  Can see through rain, fog, haze, smoke and dust


Patent Status

Patent Pending

State Of Development

  • Lab-scale prototype (single-pixel) photodetectors have been built and studied.


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