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Brief Description

MRI scans of patients/participants can be compared to template scans in order to identify differences or changes in brain anatomy. However, the templates that are used are typically of young brains, which lack the atrophy that naturally occurs in the aged brain. UCI researchers have developed a template for oldest old images (90+ age group) that takes into consideration the natural anatomical changes that can occur with aging.

Suggested uses

·Can be used in research as a standard MRI template for participants 90+

·Can be used as a reference in medicine for patients that are unable to have an MRI


·This template takes into consideration the natural changes that occur in a non-diseased aged brain, and as such is a much better comparison for oldest old individuals than young brains

Full Description

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging technique that is often used to collect pictures of the brain. This technique is very useful for both research and medicine. Once these images are taken they are compared to pre-templates, in which common features overlap, emphasizing any differences between brains. Templates are typically made by compiling a large number of young brain scans together. This creates an issue for older and oldest old (90+) patients. The aging brain has many changes that can occur, which are not represented in the young templates, making differences appear that are not real.

UCI researchers have worked to create a template that focuses on oldest old patients. This template was created with oldest old patients, and when compared to other 90+ scans, is a much better representation of the aged brain and will help emphasize neuronal changes that are specific to older individuals.

State Of Development

The template has been made through the compilation of 56 MRI scans (28 women)

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Sajjadi, Seyed A

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