Method and Apparatus for Movement Therapy Gaming System

Tech ID: 30399 / UC Case 2000-196-0

Brief Description

Rehabilitation therapy, while an important tool for the long term recovery of patients affected by brain injury or disease, is expensive and requires one-on-one attention from a certified healthcare professional. UCI researchers have developed a computer-based system that provides arm movement therapy for patients. The system allows patients to independently practice hand and arm movements, improving therapeutic outcomes, while reducing hospital visits and cost for both patients and healthcare providers.

Suggested uses

• In-home or clinical rehabilitation for brain injury and disease


• Economic and efficient home healthcare • Customize games for therapy • Tracks and reports rehabilitation progress

Technology Description

Conventional rehabilitation methods are often expensive, time-consuming, and at the discretion of healthcare providers and rehab staff. UCI researchers have developed a supplementary, customizable computer gaming system for improving patient’s motor skills. This technology includes a joystick apparatus and a variety of games that allows patients to practice reaching, grasping and manipulating objects. Additionally, this personalized therapeutic approach includes resistive and assistive forces to provide force feedback therapy, and an interactive therapy database that allows physicians and physical therapists to customize games based on progression and goals.

State Of Development

Working prototype has been tested on four partially-paralyzed subjects recovering from stroke

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 6,613,000 09/02/2003 2000-196


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  • Reinkensmeyer, David J.

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