Haploid-Induction in CRISPR Susceptible Plants

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a method to produce haploid progeny plants from transgenic and wild-type plants that only carry chromosomes from the wild-type gamete.

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True-breeding plant lines, or plants that produce genetically identical progeny, are required for the development and production of specific crop varieties. Conventional approaches to creating such lines involve inbreeding, taking 7-9 generations to achieve homozygosity. Haploid plants, or plants that carry the genome of a single (haploid) gamete can reduce the time by an order of magnitude to create true-breeding lines but are difficult to induce.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a method that utilizes Centromeric Histone H3 (CENH3) and small in-frame deletions in CENH3 to create true-breeding varieties. Using CRISPR/cas, this technology can produce healthy and fertile haploid progeny. Lines edited by this method from crossed CRISPR/cas and wild-type plants produce wild-type haploid progeny with little modification and are considered nontransgenic in many countries including the U.S. This technology provides a rapid and low-cost method to produce haploid-inducing plants and applicable to all plants susceptible to CRISPR mutagenesis.


  • Develop adaptations for certain crops
  • Experiment with plant breeding at a much lower cost
  • Make modified crops that meet a majority of international guidelines


  • Utilizes simple deletions that can be done relatively cheaply and easily
  • Methodology can be used for a variety of different crops

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Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Reference for National Filings 2019136417 07/11/2019 2018-307

Patent Pending

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  • Britt, Anne B.
  • Kuppu, Sundaram
  • Li, Glenda
  • Ron, Mily

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Haploid Progeny, Botany, Plant Biology, CEH3, CRISPR, In-frame Deletions

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