Propagation of Sexual Crops with Fixed Hybrid Vigor

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a method to propagate hybrid crops through seeds that allow for the fixation of hybrid vigor.

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Hybrid plants exhibit significantly higher yields compared to inbred varieties, an effect called “hybrid vigor”. The progeny of these high-yielding hybrid plants, however, often produce highly variable yields. For this reason, farmers avoid planting seeds from their hybrid plants and prefer to plant seeds generated by crossing elite inbred lines that can handle large-scale emasculations and promote cross-fertilization.  Although progress has been made, no successful way to create a hybrid crop plant that can self-reproduce through seeds while maintaining the heterozygous condition for high yield has been previously disclosed.

Now researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a method to propagate hybrid crops through seeds that maintain high yield progeny. The method uses synthetic apomixis, or asexual reproduction through seeds, that results in genetic clones of the maternal parent. The method involves introducing gene products that induce apomixis and mitosis instead of meiosis and result in the further formation of a seed that is the genetic clone of the parental genotype. By cloning seeds in sexual crops, this technology could allow for the perpetuation of any elite heterozygous genotype.

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  • Plant that produces clonal progeny
    • Cereal crops
    • Hybrid plants


  • Synthetic apomixis in hybrid plants
  • Formation of a seed that is a genetic clone of the parent plant
  • Can be introduced into sexual crops
  • Maintain hybrid vigor
  • Can perpetuate any elite heterozygous genotype

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application 2019104346 05/31/2019 2018-814

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  • Khanday, Imityaz
  • Sundaresan, Venkatesan

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