Modular Phantom for the Assessment of Imaging Performance And Dosage in Cone-Beam CT

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis and Johns Hopkins University have created a 3D modular phantom for the assessment of imaging performance and dosimetry in cone-beam CT.

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Modular phantoms are useful for a variety of imaging methods and medical diagnostics. Most phantoms, however, are created to only measure imaging performance or dosimetry for specific applications and modes. There is a need for a phantom that can be used to measure imaging performance and dosimetry for a variety of applications while fixing other common phantom problems such as data reconstruction for limited-angle scans and image size for large/whole body CT.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis and Johns Hopkins University have developed a modular phantom that provides a combined system for measuring both imaging performance and dosimetry in a variety of cone-beam CT applications. The phantom’s modules can be stacked in various combinations to test and calibrate spatial resolution, image uniformity, image noise, contrast to noise ratio, and cone-beam artifacts. They can also be used with a variety of cone-beam CT modes including high/limited angle CT and, with the use of an adapter sleeve, large/whole body CT scanners. The phantom offers a new, modular option to test and calibrate dental/ENT, orthopedic, breast, and interventional C-arm equipment to meet emerging physical measurement standards in cone-beam CT accreditation.


  • High/limited angle, full body and whole body cone-beam CT testing and calibration/correction
    • Imaging/dosage performance
    • Medical diagnostics


  • Measures both imaging performance and dosimetry
  • Can be adapted to a variety of cone-beam CT imaging applications and imaging modes
  • Meets standards for physical measurements in cone-beam CT accreditation
  • Modular, cost effective and simple to reconfigure
  • May print custom modules for specific application testing/calibration
  • Can be scaled in whole-body CT with use of sleeves

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Boone, John M.
  • Burkett, Jr., George W.

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modular phantom, corgi, imaging performance, dosimetry, cone-beam CT, accreditation, instruments

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