Architected Material Design For Seismic Isolation

Tech ID: 28843 / UC Case 2015-803-0

Brief Description

Just in the Los Angeles area alone, USGS database shows a 95.23% change of a major earthquake occurring. While there are a variety of seismic devices already installed for the protection of high value structures, other customizable, cost efficient devices currently don’t exist for a wide range of other structures such as apartments, residential homes, or event moderate to high value equipment and artifacts. University of California has invented a novel material and method for creating cost efficient seismic protection devices for all types of such structures.

Full Description

This solution is a new metamaterial with unprecedented properties to overcome limitations of current devices made of traditional materials, such as rubber, polymers, and steel while affordable enough to be installed in all builds and structures. These materials are obtained from customized arrangement at the micron to centimeter scale of multiple elements made of such base materials. The material can then be conformed for use in all sorts of applications through an inexpensive manufacturing and testing process. This reduces insurance costs, property damage, and saves human lives.

Suggested uses

Cost effective seismic protection for large structures and smaller delicate structures such as computer servers.


  • The material has been created to have an unprecedented combination of stiffness, strength, and deformability
  • Easily manufactured from off-the-shell metal components through relatively inexpensive manufacturing processes
  • Able to be installed on a wide range of structures and artifacts

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 2018033482 11/22/2018 2015-803

Additional Patent Pending

State Of Development

A functional prototype has already been built and tested with satisfactory results.


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