Single Fiber-Based Multimodal Biophotonic Imaging and Spectroscopy Platform

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a highly flexible and reconfigurable optical imaging and spectroscopy platform.

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The complexities of optical tissue imaging make it difficult for a single imaging modality to accurately characterize tissue structure and function. Multimodal imaging platforms have been used to combine two or more modalities into a single apparatus, able to leverage the strengths of complimentary imaging techniques to sample a larger cross-section of the optical tissue response. Their bulky free-space optics, however, has prevented their use in applications where the imaging geometry is highly restricted.

Researchers at the University of California Davis have developed a highly flexible optical imaging and spectroscopy platform that consists of a single optical fiber optic cable of simultaneously acquiring structural and functional data. The optical architecture of the system allows for a number of structural (e.g. optical coherence tomography (OCT), confocal reflectance endomicroscopy) and functional (e.g. fluorescence lifetime (FLIm), time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, near-infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, diffuse optical tomography) biological tissue imaging modalities to operate independently and in parallel at either high or low optical resolution. The system uses low cost, commercially available optical fibers and operates entirely label-free. The system has been developed and successfully acquired simultaneous FLIm and OCT data from benchtop imaging of phantoms and biological samples.


  • Multimodal imaging platform for structural and functional biophotonic imaging and spectroscopy
  • Non-destructively monitor the growth of engineered tissue
  • Assist surgeons and pathologists with tissue and structure information to make critical surgical/diagnosis decisions


  • Highly flexible and reconfigurable optical architecture that allows unique combinations of different fiber-compatible biophotonic imaging and spectroscopic
  • A fiber-optic interface between the apparatus and the tissue region of interest that allows simple switching between coarse (600um) and fine (15um) optical resolution
  • Simultaneous structural and functional imaging with single optical fiber

Patent Status

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application 2018191542 10/18/2018 2017-085

Additional Patent Pending


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  • Bec, Julien
  • Marcu, Laura
  • Sherlock, Benjamin E.
  • Yankelevich, Diego R.

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multimodal imaging, FLIm, OCT, fiber optics, single fiber, structural imaging, functional imaging

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