Improved Free Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Measurement for Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis

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A free fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurement is a powerful tool for physicians to diagnose coronary heart disease. Adenosine or a related vasodilator agent is needed to prepare the patient for the procedure. Unfortunately, in addition to the cost, adenosine can cause debilitating side effects. The UCI inventors have developed a safer, less-expensive method of performing FFR.

Full Description

Free fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements allow a physician to measure the degree of coronary stenosis (narrowing) in a patient’s arteries. FFR guided identification of inducible ischemia, which is a lack of oxygen in heart tissue, has greater than 90% accuracy and results in better patient outcomes versus angiography alone. The actual FFR measurement is calculated as a ratio of the coronary artery pressure to aortic pressure at maximal hyperemia (maximum flow). The UCI inventors have developed a method of obtaining maximum hyperemia through the use of adenosine-free reagent injections. The reagent displaces oxygenated blood in the coronary artery and after a short time, maximum hyperemia occurs. The use of the reagent not only reduces cost, but also makes the FFR procedure less complicated and accessible to additional patients who are sensitive to adenosine.


(1) Eliminates need of vasodilator drugs that have side effects and can be costly; and (2) makes the FFR procedure readily available to more patients.


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Patent Pending


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Free fractional flow reserve, FFR, coronary heart disease, adenosine, vasodilator, debilitating, side effect, coronary stenosis, narrowing, arteries, inducible ischemia, oxygen, heart tissue, 90%, angiography, aortic, hyperemia, sensitive, adenosine

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