Axi-Symmetric Small-Footprint Gyroscope With Interchangeable Whole-Angle And Rate Operation

Tech ID: 27189 / UC Case 2014-979-0

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The invention is a compact, degenerate mode gyroscope capable of achieving high Q-factor in both whole-angle and rate operation modes.

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Degenerate mode Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVGs) have several advantages over non-degenerate mode CVGs in terms of rate sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, power consumption, and potential to implement whole angle mechanization. However, degenerate mode CVGs have difficulty achieving high Q-factor and frequency symmetry in a compact size.

University researchers have developed a toroidal ring gyroscope with a robust outer perimeter anchor designed for energy loss minimization. The distributed support structure prevents vibrational motion from propagating to the outer anchor, providing a Q-factor of >100,000 in a 1760μm diameter device. The outer ring anchor makes a robust device that can be instrumented in whole angle mechanization applications which require high rate sensitivity and resistance to high g-forces. Performance characterization using force-rebalance mechanization revealed Angle Random Walk (ARW) of 0.047°/√hr and an in-run bias stability of 0.65deg/hr.

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Working Prototype


§ High Q-factor in a compact, degenerate mode design

§ Robustness due to rigid suspension and large distributed anchor system

§ Capable of operating in both whole angle and rate operation modes depending on sensitivity and robustness demands

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,180,323 01/15/2019 2014-979


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