Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Materials with Interfacial Films

Tech ID: 27072 / UC Case 2017-064-0

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Nanostructured materials are a category of materials comprised of nanometer-scale crystals which exhibit order of magnitude higher strength when compared to their traditional counterparts with larger crystal sizes. The application of nanostructured materials has been limited due to seemingly inherent low ductility and high-temperature instability. The inventors at UCI have developed a nanostructured material that simultaneously exhibits increased ductility, strength, and thermal stability by the incorporation of amorphous intergranular films.

Full Description

Nanostructured materials are characterized by nanometer scale crystal size. They exhibit order of magnitude higher strength versus materials with larger crystal size. However, state of the art nanostructured materials have suffered from ductility loss, as well as high temperature instability.

The inventors at UCI have employed a dopant segregation technique to create a new type of crystal boundary, called an amorphous intergranular film. Nanostructured materials fabricated using this technique exhibit increased strength without sacrificing ductility and high temperature stability. The technique used to create such materials is general and applicable to many alloys.

Suggested uses

The high strength to weight ratio make nanostructured materials ideal for military, aerospace, transportation, and construction applications


High strength to weight material

Materials exhibit no losses in ductility or high temperature stability

The process can be applied to different alloys

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20180230573 08/16/2018 2017-064

State Of Development

Laboratory scale experimental data has shown formation of nanostructured material in powder form with the improved strength/ductility/temperature resistance. Future work involves sintering the powder to form bulk samples for testing and applying

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