Windshield Wiper Mechanism For Enhanced Coverage

Tech ID: 27068 / UC Case 2016-752-0

Brief Description

The invention is a horizontally-moving, windshield wiper system for motor vehicles that enhances the area of coverage of the wiper blade, while still maintaining the look and ease of use of standard windshield wipers.

Full Description

Automatic windshield wipers have been a standard safety feature in motor vehicles since the 1960s. Most models of windshield wipers consist of a motor that is connected to 1-2 wiper blades. The motor drives the wiper blades across the windshield, often in an arched trajectory about a central pivot point at the base of the wiper blade. Due to the circular trajectory and the stationary nature of the pivot point, significant portions of the windshield may not be within reach of the wiper blades.

Researchers at UCI have created windshield wipers that move horizontally across a windshield, covering a significantly larger portion of the windshield than is achieved using state of the art systems. The invention uses a motor-driven bar-linkage system, connected to two wiper blades, to move the blades horizontally across the windshield. Horizontal wiper motion is most compatible with the trapezoidal shape of most motor vehicle windshields. The invention enhances the cleared field of view for the driver while maintaining the look and ease of use of typical windshield wipers.

Suggested uses

Motor vehicle windshields


-Greater coverage of windshield

-Improvement on other bar-linkage systems currently under development in that it does not require the bar linkage to be in the driver’s field of view (just the wipers are in the field of view, and the bar linkage is located at the base of the windshield)

Patent Status

Patent Pending

State Of Development

A model has been developed and simulated with an animation. A prototype device is currently under development.

Other Information

This looks like a patent-rich field, so most of the related materials will be patents representing prior art. These will be listed on the intake form.


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Windshield wiper mechanism, Six-bar wiper mechanism, Wiper mechanism for enhanced coverage

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