Weather Augmented Risk Determination (WARD) System

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The inventors have created software for construction project management. The Weather Augmented Risk Determination (WARD) System uses historic weather data and forecasts to determine probability of weather related work stoppage and probabilistic information on labor productivity and project duration.

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Weather events have strong and far-reaching impacts on society and the economy. It is estimated that over one third of the U.S. GDP can be considered weather-sensitive involving some degree of weather risk. The construction industry is one such sector is highly prone to complete stoppage and low productivity due to weather. Precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity and other weather conditions can have strong effects on construction projects. Currently, project managers rely on weather forecast and their own experience to predict weather related delays. There is no quantitative or probabilistic approach to these predictions.

The inventors at UCI have developed the Weather Augmented Risk Determination (WARD) System, which uses historic weather data and future forecasts to predict weather related delays. The WARD System provides project specific, user-defined data analysis that outputs:

· Probability of work stoppage and the estimated project length considering weather conditions

· Information of reduced labor productivity and its impact and project duration

· Probabilistic information on the project timeline on both weather-related work stoppage and reduced labor productivity

The software has also been designed such that it can be integrated into currently available project management tools.

Suggested uses

Construction project management


Provides quantitative predictions of project duration

Uses both historic weather data and forecasts

Compatibly with currently available project management tools

Patent Status

Patent Pending

State Of Development

The software is a working prototype that can be integrated into pre-existing project management software.

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