Adhesive Polymer for Microfluidic Devices

Tech ID: 26038 / UC Case 2016-339-0

Brief Description

The invention is a polymer mixture that can be used to fabricate microfluidic devices. The devices are less expensive and time consuming to produce, as they can adhere directly onto glass and other substrates.

Full Description

A key to fabricating successful microfluidic devices is to strongly seal the device to a substrate (e.g. polymer to glass). The most common device material, the polymer PDMS, requires additional processing to effectively bond the device to the substrate. These processing methods are time consuming and require expensive specialized facilities and equipment.

The inventors have produced a silicon-based polymer mixture that is a replacement for PDMS in microfluidic production. Devices made from the mixture can adhere directly onto substrates without any additional processing. The fabricated devices can adhere onto new substrates, such as human skin, that are currently inaccessible to state of the art bonding techniques. Additionally, the devices are multi-use, as they can be removed from a substrate, cleaned, and reattached.

Suggested uses

Re-usable microfluidic devices


· Removes time consuming steps and specialized equipment from microfluidic fabrication process

· New viable microfluidic substrates, such as human skin, become accessible

· Fabricated devices can be removed and re-used

State Of Development

Working prototypes have been developed and tested.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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