Drug-Like Compounds That Enhance Plant Immunity And Growth

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,023,759 05/05/2015 2013-126


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Due to the rapidly increasing demand of food production, agricultural biotechnology companies are aiming to improve crop productivity. Biotechnology tools that develop novel plant traits are projected to have a $1.3B global market with annual growth of 49.9% by 2019.


Brief Description:

UCR Researchers have developed a drug-like compound, HTC, that is structurally distinct from other agrochemicals and will rapidly induce an immune response in plants to ward off pathogens. Only a small dose of this novel compound is needed for optimal protection as well as growth enhancement. By genetically engineering the plant to have a stronger inherent immune system, toxic chemicals like pesticides are no longer needed to protect the plant. Its implementation can render decreased usage of agrochemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment.


  • Enhances root & aerial growth at low doses of the compound
  • Less dependence on pesticide, herbicide & insecticides à Eco-friendly
  • Better management practice in controlling pests & weeds – slow expansion of pesticide-resistant organisms
  • Less effort-intensive farming & increase yields


  • Development of multi-functional agrochemicals
  • Environmental-friendly crop protection products


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crop protection, eco-friendly agrochemicals, global food, pathogen resistance, pesticides, plant defense signaling network, plant growth, plant immune response, plant immunity, plant pathogens, synthetic elicitors, transgenic plants

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