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Tech ID: 25236 / UC Case 2014-213-2

Brief Description

Garment patterns and a method of forming garment patterns that increase the perceived attractiveness of the garment wearer by imparting ideal proportions onto the wearer.

Full Description

Studies have demonstrated that brightness gradients are automatically interpreted by human visions to be three-dimensional shapes. Existing patterns/”finishes” on garments impart three-dimensional shapes on the wearer. These three-dimensional shapes on the human form have varying levels of attractiveness depending on placement, with current garment patterns being arbitrarily or unfavorably placed, thus decreasing the attractiveness of the wearer’s form.

The current technology describes a garment and a method to create a garment with optimal shading for increased attractiveness of the wearer by imparting “ideal” proportions onto the wearer.

Suggested uses

Clothing, in particular jeans or pants.


The technology will increase the perceived attractiveness of the wearer, thereby leading to wearer loyalty and increased sales of the garment brand.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20150106993 04/23/2015 2014-213


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