Polymer-Drug Conjugates for the Co-delivery of Synergistic Chemotherapy Drugs

Tech ID: 24982 / UC Case 2015-339-0

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A method of making and using pharmaceutical compositions comprising two or more anticancer agents. 


Topoisomerases I and II are nuclear enzymes that are involved in DNA replication, thus making them targets for anticancer therapy. Many efforts have been made to identify safe and effective combinations of Topoisomerase I and II inhibitors. Some combination therapies have shown inhibition of in vitro cancer cell growth, however, clinical studies have not progressed beyond phase II stages. This is due to either little or no improvement in therapeutic effects of the combination, or augmented toxicity compared to single drug use. One alternative method for delivering chemotherapy agents is through polymer-drug conjugates, which can have greater benefits compared to administering the drug by itself. Conjugating drugs to polymers can improve efficacy by active or passive targeting as well as reduction of off-target effects. 


Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have developed a method of making and using pharmaceutical compositions comprising two or more anticancer agents. The components are conjugated to a biocompatible polymer at a molar ratio that creates a synergistic effect. Because the multiple agents are covalently coupled to the polymer, they can be delivered to areas in need of treatment, such as tumors in cancer patients. The polymer is preferably a water-soluble, biocompatible polymer, and the compositions can be created for administration via a variety of pathways. These include parenteral, oral and intranasal administration techniques. 


·         Synergistic effect created when using multiple agents in combination

·         Targeted drug delivery to areas in need of treatment

·         Can administer using parenteral, oral or intranasal methods 


·         Anticancer treatment 

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 11,197,932 12/14/2021 2015-339
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,653,789 05/19/2020 2015-339
United States Of America Published Application 20220096645 03/31/2022 2015-339


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  • Camacho, Kathryn M.
  • Kumar, Sunny
  • Menegatti, Stefano
  • Mitragotri, Samir S.

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