Radiation Safety Training Software

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Brief Description

Each university, company or hospital that has a license to work with radioactive materials or is authorized to use x-ray machines is required to train its radioactive material or x-ray machine users.

UC Berkeley has developed a radiation safety online training course made up of 7 training modules, which fulfill this training requirement. This safety course can be used by other organizations that are interested in fulfilling this requirement in an interactive and engaging way.  


Suggested uses

  • Radiation Safety training for workers using radioactive materials or radiation producing machines (e.g., x-ray machines)



  • Improve required safety skills
  • Lower total costs
  • Convenience and flexibility of online course (course always available)
  • No additional cost for course materials
  • Comfortable learning environments


Full Description

The seven modules of the course are:

Core training (Modules 1-3) – required for all radioactive material users (sealed and unsealed) and Radiation Producing Machines users

Module 1 - Radiological Fundamentals

Module 2 - Biological Effects

Module 3 - ALARA and Radiation Detection

Module 4 - Radiation Protection Regulations


Additional training for unsealed Radioactive Material users

Module 5 – Contamination Control and Waste

Module 6 - Receiving and Shipping Radioactive Materials and Incidents


Additional training for Radiation Producing Machine users:

Module 7 – Radiation Producing Machines

The course uses animation, short video clips from real lab settings and interactive learning points to reinforce the topics.  The course can be modified to work in any location in the U.S. with only minor changes.  Both conventional and metric units are used throughout the course. There are learning objectives at the beginning and summaries of the learning points at the end of each module.  There are quizzes and final exams are made up of multiple choice or true and false questions with automatic scoring and immediate feedback. There is a glossary of terms accessible throughout the course. The training does not have to be completed all at once but instead if ended midway, a bookmark will return you to where you left off. 

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  • MacKenzie, Carolyn J.

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