Novel Magnonic Holographic Memory Device

Tech ID: 24707 / UC Case 2014-617-0

Patent Status

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United States Of America Issued Patent 9,767,876 09/19/2017 2014-617


magnonic holographic device

Prototype of holographic memory device


Brief Description

Background: Image processing and speech recognition are a few operations that challenge computer memory devices. Replacing a computer memory device is not the solution, but rather, finding ways to complement its activity is a more successful route.

Description: UCR researchers have created a prototype of a magnonic holographic memory (MHM) device that provides unmatched data storage capacity and data processing capabilities in electronic devices. This device uses spin waves instead of optical waves, which allow for a higher energy storage. This MHM does not replace the computer memory device, but rather complements it and allows for a new and better performing generation of memory devices. 


  •          Better image recognition
  •          Speech recognition
  •          Data processing
  •          Allows for fuller devices with greater storage energy
  •          High processing rate with low energy consumption 

Suggested uses

  •          Improved Computer logic and memory devices
  •          Next generation logic devices
  •          Compatible with conventional electronic devices 


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Logic devices, optical waves, energy storage, image processing, magnonic holographic memory device

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