Method And Device For Skin Rejuvenation

Tech ID: 24596 / UC Case 2014-118-0

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A method and device for dermatology, cosmetic treatments, skin rejuvenation and scar reduction therapy

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In general, modes of controlled injuries such as mechanical, chemical, electro-thermal and light induced are used for regeneration and cosmetic remodeling of human skin tissues. Each of the methods listed above provides benefits and efficacies limited to a specific type of treatment.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have developed a technique for the regeneration of the skin. Currently there are no procedures that capitalize on this type of procedure to alter the structure of skin.

Suggested uses


-Scar reduction

-Cosmetic treatment

-Skin rejuvenation


This invention has the advantage of being less expensive than other energy-based skin therapies and has better spatial selectivity in targeting specific depths and regions. In addition, side effects are reduced. The technique also allows for improved diffusion of drug treatments into the deeper skin layers.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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