High Transformation Efficiency Non-Dormant Alfalfa Line 2525-14

Tech ID: 24593 / UC Case 2014-99C-0


Researchers at UC Davis have produced a non-dormant alfalfa line highly amenable to transformation, allowing direct improvement of the line. Higher transformation efficiency and a non-dormant life-cycle make this line of alfalfa a valuable tool for research and breeding.

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Historically, non-dormant varieties have been difficult to transform. Recently, however, researchers at UC Davis have further improved on Highline and isolated a high-transformation efficiency subset, UC 2525-14. With this new alfalfa line, non-dormant alfalfa lines can be engineered to possess drought or salt tolerant traits, improving the robustness of non-dormant alfalfa and further increasing yield. The resulting transformed plant may be used as a research tool, or introgressed into other varieties.

Highline is a proprietary non-dormant alfalfa variety developed at UC Davis and distributed by the University of California Foundation Seed Program.


  • Non-dormant alfalfa line highly amenable to transformation


  • Alfalfa plants are non-dormant during Autumn period
  • Alfalfa plants exhibit high regeneration efficiency
  • Alfalfa plants exhibit high transformation efficiency
  • Alfalfa plants have the ability to be genetically modified with advantageous trait genes


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  • Teuber, Larry R.
  • Tricoli, David M.

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alfalfa, high transformation efficiency

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