Photocatalytic Color Switching Of Redox Imaging Nanomaterials For Rewritable Media

Tech ID: 24555 / UC Case 2015-250-0

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United States Of America Issued Patent 10,534,254 01/14/2020 2015-250

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Schematic representation of writing letters on rewriteable paper using photomask upon UV light irradiation, and  a digital image of writing letters on rewriteable paper. 



Brief Description

Background: The ability of stimuli-responsive materials to react to small changes in the environment has made them attractive for many different uses. The various chemical, physical, and biological properties of these materials allows them to provide useful applications to improve our daily lives.

Description: UCR researchers have developed a novel color switching system that utilizes light responsive nanomaterials. This invention rapidly reverses color in response to an electric or magnetic field, mechanical stress, temperature change, or chemical reaction. This system is useful for many applications that meet society’s demands for environmental sustainability.


  • Conservation of Energy
  • System is rapidly cleaned, non-invasively without need of direct contact with system


  • Rewriteable media 
  • Dynamic display and signage technologies
  • Sensing devices


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light-responsive material, nanomaterial, nanotechnology, rewriteable material, sensing devices, energy concentration

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