Nanoelectronic Circuits For Mechanistic Protein Studies And Drug Discovery

Tech ID: 22343 / UC Case 2011-764-0

Brief Description

A high quality nanometer scale electrical circuit with a single protein attached to a carbon nanotube that allows for the detailed study of the kinetics and dynamics of single proteins.

Full Description

A robust method for non-covalently linking single biomolecules to an electrical circuit and reading biomolecular dynamics has been developed. This novel implementation utilizes carbon nanotubes and results in a very generalizable, high yield approach with an improved signal to noise ratio. This system also provides for a higher information content and more straightforward analysis than current approaches.

Suggested uses

Drug discovery, protein studies


Highly generalizable, high yield method providing an improved signal to noise ratio

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,164,053 10/20/2015 2011-764


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Nanometer scale electrical circuit, Single protein dynamics, Drug discovery, Protein studies

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