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The present invention relates to linking devices and displaying their information over a network and, more particularly, a method in which many different devices can upload multiple file types (code, text, audio files, etc.) that can be organized in a manner to be utilized over a network, such as the internet.

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In the past, before a device could communicate with a web server, software and configuration files needed to be installed. The software was needed to outline how the web server should communicate with the device and what protocols to use. There are several disadvantages to this method. First, this method requires the device to know what operating system the web server is using so the appropriate software can be installed. Second, the installation of software is typically done by the user and generally requires some technical knowledge of the device and web server. Third, since software is installed, it is not possible for devices to dynamically connect to the web server.

Researchers at the University of California have developed a method in which multiple device modules can connect to a web server and have their information displayed over a network on a client device. Each device module is completely or partially self-contained. Completely self—contained means the device module is capable of storing all relevant information including, but not limited to, documentation, web pages, html, flash files, calibration information, GUIs, audio files, video files, etc. Partially self—contained means the module device is capable of storing some relevant information and is able to locate other relevant information over the internet or network.

Since the module devices have all the relevant information, the web server these devices connect to can be generic and capable of communicating and networking any module device with a client without any knowledge of the module device it is connecting to. This method enables a common platform in which different devices can be linked to the network and displayed on a client device.


The invention described herein does not install files on the web server, but instead loads files from the device through the web server and onto the client. This method does not require working knowledge of the operating system on the web server, does not require installation of software onto the web server and allows dynamic connection of device modules with the web server.


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  • Bachman, Mark G.
  • Merlo, Mark W.
  • Zhang, Yang

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