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Misfit Dislocation Free Quantum Dot Lasers

A way to epitaxially grow quantum dot lasers on Si that are free of misfit dislocation.

Quantum Dot Photonic Integrated Circuits

A PIC based on quantum dots, grown on Si that allows lasers, modulators, and photodetectors to be integrated.

A Hybrid Silicon Laser-Quantum Well Intermixing Wafer Bonded Integration Platform

An approach for integrating InP-based photonic devices together with low loss silicon photonics and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) electronics.

Unipolar Light Emitting Devices On Silicon Based Substrates

A process that provides a less expensive alternative for growing light emitting material compared to growing on lattice matched native III-V substrates.

Orthogonal Mode Laser Gyro

A method for preventing ring laser gyroscopes optical lock-up using orthogonal counter-propagating optical beams.

Epitaxial Laser Integration on Silicon Based Substrates

A low-cost, highly scalable approach to integrating a compound-semiconductor laser or light source with silicon-photonic circuitry.

Advanced Tunable Long-Wavelength Vertical-Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

A tunable long-wavelength vertical semiconductor optical amplifier (VCSOA) that is tunable over a wide wavelength range.

Integrated Reconfigurable Circulator

Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) comprised of an integrated non-reciprocal device that can be reversed, is monolithic, and can be integrated with lasers and modulators

Integrated Dielectric Waveguide and Semiconductor Layer

A new technique for integrating ultra-low loss waveguides (ULLWs) with active silicon and/or compound semiconductor waveguides on a common substrate. 

Ring Resonator-Based Optical Isolator and Circulator

The first nonreciprocal ring resonator and implemented it in a ring isolator, which has the main advantages of miniaturization and integration with other optoelectronic devices. 

Loss Modulated Silicon Evanescent Lasers

Two novel alternative methods for modulating semiconductor lasers that enable much higher frequency modulation.

Fused Vertical Couplers

Wafer fusion is a powerful technique for fabricating structures that cannot be realized by conventional epitaxial growth and processing. Wafer fusion provides an extra degree of freedom in the design and fabrication of 3-D photonic devices. Large switch arrays can be produced by displacing the input and output waveguides vertically in different planes. Compact high-extinction-ratio directional couplers are essential to the switching process.

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