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Diels-Alder Chemistry for Bioconjugation and Incorporation into Non-Natural Amino Acids

A bioconjugation method to covalently link molecular entities to polypeptides such as antibodies using a simple one-pot process.

Simple Method For Dc Capillary Electrophoresis

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a microchannel geometry that observes and measures the motion of charged particles that enable one to perform simple DC electrophoresis to measure the electrophoretic mobility of analytes and particles.

Negative Photochromic Material With Tunable Properties

A class of materials with absorption spectras that are highly tunable in the visible and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths.

Quasi-living metal catalyst for ethylene (homo/co)polymerization

A method of using a novel quasi-living metal catalyst for homo-polymerization of olefins such as ethylene, α-olefins, and functionalized olefins and for co-polymerization of olefins with functionalities such as acetates.

Zwitterionic Catalyst for Olefin Polymerization

A zwitterionic catalyst applicable to olefin polymerization.  

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