New Method to Enhance Auxin Sensitivity for Improved Crop Productivity

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Auxin is a hormone widely known as a key regulator of plant growth and development. In the agricultural industry, synthetic auxin mimics are used for a variety of horticultural purposes including as rooting agents, to increase fruit size and uniformity, to improve stress tolerance, and in some cases as a weed control. The use of miRNA156, which increases auxin sensitivity, can be applied for improved crop productivity.

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Professors Xumei Chen and Meng Chen at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) have shown the miRNA156’s role in plant growth and productivity. As shown in Figure 1, miRNA156 acts in pathways involved with plant hormones such as auxin and brassinosteroids responsible for plant growth. Exogenous application of miRNA156 potentially in combination with exogenous auxins can be useful in a variety of horticultural contexts for their ability to increase auxin sensitivity and plant growth.







  • For use in agriculture as an auxin sensitivity enhancer for improved crop productivity

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Patent Pending

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miRNA156, Auxin, Auxin Sensitivity, Plant Growth

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