U2OS Cells Expressing HaloTagged TFEB

Tech ID: 33120 / UC Case 2023-116-0

Brief Description

UC Researchers have the following U2 OS cell lines

U2OS cell lines (3 clones) TFEB N-terminal Halo-TFEB: #E5, #C8, #G12           

U2OS cell lines (3 clones) TFE3 N-terminal Halo-TFE3: #B9 #C3, #E1

U2OS cell lines (2 clones) TFE3 C-terminal Halo-TFE3: #A9, #D2

U2OS stable cell line L30 3xF-Halo-GDGAGLIN-TFEB

U2OS stable cell line EF1a 3xF-Halo-GDGAGLIN-TFEB


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  • Esbin, Meagan N.

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