Controlling Linearity in N-Polar GaN MISHEMTs

Tech ID: 31968 / UC Case 2020-708-0


Current derivative cancellation techniques use multiple discrete devices to linearize transistors. These techniques are unable scale up to mm-wave frequencies due to the parasitics associated with combining multiple devices. This causes third-order non-linearities which lead to undesirable effects such as in-band signal distortion and unnecessary system-level complexities. Thus, the linearization of transistors in communication systems has a significant impact on overall device performance.  


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have enhanced the linearity of N-polar GaN MISHEMTs at mm-wave frequencies (30 GHz and beyond) for low-power receiver applications within a single device. Applying the derivative cancellation technique in a single device removes the need for digital pre-distortion, directly simplifies system-level complexities, and increases overall transistor linearity. Furthermore, N-polar GaN MISHEMTs with improved RF transistor linearities have demonstrated improved power performance and power-added efficiency at 94 GHz.


  • Improved device performance
  • Simplified production
  • No need for digital pre-distortion


  • Transistors
  • GaN Devices
  • Radio Communication

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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linearity, MISHEMT, derivative cancellation, transistor, N-polar, GaN

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